Monday, April 17, 2006


So Yoda has had a bug up her ass all night to bomb Venice. Yes those are her words. This middle of the night covert shit is mad orgasmic for her, I’m expecting her to remove a gatt and yell “Westsiiiide!” and bus’ on some fools. So were down there by the circle on this street who’s name I cannot remember because I have a drug problem (my problem is you won’t fucking legalize it) and we are getting bold now.. and even better we have some cover since there is a construction tunnel with flyposters on the inside. And look who’s posters they are..the IPOD. “Gimme a fuckin’ poster”… I said and I gave it to Steve Jobs. I mean I don’t even know the dude…and for all I know.. he might be cool as shit and roll the fattest blunts this side of Philly (yeah..right!)…but I am so sick of the IPOD commercials…I’m tagging this motherfucker. And that’s how it started. In just three short hours I became a tagger… a bomber. Me and Yoda and Ice…put our ad’s over the man’s….if that ain’t some 21st century,-Robinhood-B-Boy- revolutionary shit..than what the fuck is?

Ok so we ended that night having ducked the cops on several locations and not even getting close to getting caught….it’s like 4:00AM…but man do I feel alive.



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