Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I guess I should explain

I guess I should explain where the fuck I've been for the last two months. Well, I wasn't on a trip anyplace, I haven't fallen madly in love with some woman and been knee deep in a love affair. Nor have I been arrested (Fuck you)...I've just been sitting here on my ass...

What I need for you guys to understand is that under the male bravado, under the jokes, and the Z cars and the weed smoking... underneath all of that...at the base of the filmmaking mountain that I've erected for myself...I am still very much an artist.

This blog is a love hate relationship for me. I think that blogs are pretentious wastes of time for the most part and have had nothing good to say about them...till I had to start this blog. This is some of the best writing I've done in the past 3-4 years which I'm kind of not thrilled about because I wonder what I could write if I would just sit down and concentrate.... anyway... here's the deal...I don't like to disappoint you guys. I don't like to post shitty blogs talking about what I ate for breakfast so the regulars know that I sometimes hold back but then deliver a good blog. Well that trend continues because I've got 4 blogs to post and so much I want to write... so I think I won't bore you...but I'm getting off topic.

I have to write about once every 3 days to have something ready by thursday night (when I normally publish)...that makes it work. What happens is that I hate the pressure of having to be witty and funny and go through this obsessive compulsive cycle of hating all of you. I don't want to work for you...I don't want to work for anyone...and I get bitchy. Also, I really fucking hate the holidays. They tend to coincide with the moment of truth for all my wanna be relationships....so I'm especially moody in December (which is why I didn't post)....

I will try to return to my normal publishing schedule and things will probably be fine for most of the next few months....just remember that I will sometimes disappear because the blog gets too funny, too popular or I suspect that you guys aren't reading...so stop writing to teach you a lesson....

...so please try to understand that artists (writers in particular) are prone to this kind of behavior....

ok... better start reading... there is a lot coming....



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