Monday, April 17, 2006


Ok so if you don’t live in West LA.. then you probably don’t know about the intersection at Olympic & La Cienega. It’s hella busy and both of the streets have mad traffic all the time. Even worse there is a gas station across the intersection where Johnny-Law likes to hang out and prey on unsuspecting scofflaws, drunk drivers and drug dealers (get a real job..those people are a vital part of the LA economy). Needless to say I wasn’t feeling it.

This is a day after the Pico missions so.. I was feeling bold, but let’s not get crazy.

But Yoda had to have these posters. She was adamant.

Our crew was a little different this time. Because Ice was MIA, and Detective Budd said he wasn’t down for it tonight. That left me, Yoda.. and Krunchy. Krunchy is actually one of my 6 roommates (ok..ok.. I only have 5)..he’s the one that only likes weed when he doesn’t have to buy it…we call him Krunchy because he was in the oven a little too long..and is a bit overdone.

So it’s me, Yoda and Krunchy…getting ready to bomb the Olympic wall. We have to set up shop almost 40 yards away.. because this is so out in the open. I know that this is the edge of Beverly and the beginning of the harassment area for LAPD…this is not a good place to get caught.

So we set-up shop in someone’s driveway. It has to be like 2am. There are few cars traveling up La Cienega and even fewer on Olympic. I’ve accepted the fact that I may very well get arrested and concluded that art is worth the sacrifice (though I reserve the right to change that statement should I wind up in county). Now let me tell you about Krunchy. Krunchy is a photographer and a painter…and he’s just loving this. He’s loving it so much…that he is making each flyposter a masterpiece. It’s 2am and I have Suki the street pimp and Michael Angelo as my posse when I defame private property…maybe I should have stayed in school?

So Krunchy and I are throwing these things on, one after the other…trying to look inconspicuous…as car sail buy. Ok, the wall is so fuckin’ long that there is nothing even remotely covert about this. I know that this is where we are going to get popped.

Another partner in crime Johnny Sabado drops by, he’s one of my roommates as well…and he says he wants in. We mob on this wall for 8 min’s before Yoda says we need to leave.

We pack up our shit and pile into the car to assess our work. For starters the wall is massive, we haven’t even put a dent in the paid ads…and then at the end of the row…Yoda sees that there are IPOD ad’s…and that we did not bomb them.

I think she is going to hit me. Krunchy chimes in “yeah…we gotta get his shit”… I see then that he has caught the revolutionary infection and is ready to give his life for God, mother and country.

Yoda flips another one of her world famous illegal u-turns and takes us back to base camp. It’s now become a personal assault on Steve Jobs with Krunchy leading the charge. We do a killer job of bombin’ the apple ads…and then we run out of fly posters….talk about coitus interruptus.

But we made our quota of 80 posters in one night. No bad for a lazy director, a guy who sleeps on my couch and a terrorist-turned-publicist.

This filmmaker gig ain’t half bad.



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