Monday, June 26, 2006

My Bad

Ok…ok…ok…I’m sorry for my absence. But I am a filmmaker and one of my responsibilities is to attend all the festivals that we are accepted into. We just finished two in a row (not nearly as much fun as it sounds) and it was a little…uh, what’s the word – POLITICAL. So I kinda had to watch what I said and blasting the festival staff while I am attending their festival is not the smartest move – even for cinema revolutionaries like myself.

You will be happy to know that I am even more pissed and more jaded (if that is possible) than when I left and I promise you nothing but great insight and endless marijuana laced commentary as I tell you what you missed. But it’s not all fun and games, I have some serious shit to talk about because the festival circuit is getting’ over, big-time and it’s about time that someone talked about it. And as for the rest of you so-called filmmakers who are attending tons of festivals and not complaining…you need to. People are being lied to and taken advantage of – this needs to end. But enough of the Public Service bullshit…I know why you read this blog…

Oh yeah… and to Mr. Anonymous that complained that I am not posting frequently enough, I hear you. I realize that sometimes I can go 15-30 days without a post. For that I do apologize and I am trying to get an issue or two ahead of the actual publishing so that there aren’t many lags. But the real issues is quality, and I won’t post it if it ain’t the bomb…so I have been holding back. But due to comments such as yours, I will increase the posting frequency. we go:



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