Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The screening environment:

For those of you that are not filmmakers you may be unaware that the environment in which you screen you film has a great influence on how your film is received. This is especially important if you have a strange and idiosyncratic film like Sex, Love & Z-Parts. Filmmakers that screen often have certain basic requirements to be happy (“I said no wire hangers!”) and things that must be completely avoided. I hate screening off of low resolution formats. I drives me absolutely fuckin’ crazy. I think a lot of the misunderstanding comes from the fact that a large number of my peers are just happy to have their films shown and either haven’t thought about, or don’t care about the format selection. You can imagine how much it matters when you have an epic short with a fair amount of post-production work.

I was here to screen Sex, Love & Z-Parts for Urban Media Makers in Atlanta. They are a grassroots organization that makes films and opportunities accessible to local film and television people. I was pretty excited, but also very fucking worried. There is a severe urban feel to this film and the short conversation I had with the director (C.H. the Chef) did more to indicate to me that they favored films with a local feel and local talent. This is a precarious position for a filmmaker, I mean how much can you lie about a film that they are about to watch? Can you assume that your narrative and shots are pretty enough to carry you through? Talk about a fuckin’ dilemma!

Well I come clean and she is ok with it. See mom was right, the truth will set you free…as long as the truth does refer to drugs, pregnancy or underage sex…then you betta lie like two for one night.

But that screening isn’t till tomm (Friday)… I got hours to kill. And that was when I decided to go across the street and get a bite to eat at this bar/building/barn thing across the street. It’s like a Fridays without the hot waitresses (not that there weren’t hot waitresses there….well not that I was looking at the uh…. Fuck!) and I walk up to the bar and take a seat.

After a funny discussion about how the house Porter is better than Guinness I get conned into drinking this fruity mixture. It is at this time that the bartender comments on my 420 T-shirt. We have a little chuckle and I say “so you know if you know anybody” ..and he of course has no idea what I am talkin’ about…so I respond “well if you happen to be in the bathroom and some dude has a dub burning a hole in his pocket….holla at your boy!”

More laughing and I back to my room. No weed, no alcohol and it’s costing me $12 a day to park. This is why I hate being on the road…but hey…they got Fox news..whopee!

I spend the remainder of the night putting stickers on the back of postcards and trying to pretend like my posters didn’t get horribly wrinkled by baggage claim (fuck the airlines!). I am screening in less than 24 hours…I really hope I don’t fuck this up.



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