Monday, June 26, 2006


Ok so if you have never done a Q& A (that’s a question and answer sessions for you newbee’s) they really suck in competition. I mean it’s not like directors can get along. What is a better recipe for disaster than a bunch of self conscious directors standing within a few feet of each other. They call us down one by one and well all pretend to be humble yet dominant as we crawl/strut to the front of the theater.

It immediately turns into a “well I got the inspirations when I had a near death experience while crossing the Himalayas”.. or better yet “it was when I was assisting George Lucas that I mastered that camera technique”. I’m fuckin’ serious dude, that is what it was like. Really boring and pretentious people, using every opportunity to talk about themselves.

Then the mic came to me. They all know who I am …and who Det. Budd is.. we have been gallivanting around for two days like we own the place. So we keep it short and are thankful.

Then the budget question comes up, and people are getting defensive about their budgets. Unless you have the most expensive film (like we did) and then you can say something elegant like “the $50K doesn’t really reflect the contributions and gifts that were given to us, we were happy to capture as pretty of an image with such constraints” – man did that kill them. A fear washes over the director crowd…because we are prepared for the Q&A we are not winging it up there (man I got hella money at stake).

And then the conversation switches to distribution. I am forced to listen to grandiose scheme after grandiose scheme about how they are all going to “get money”. I hear a few veiled shots at Sex-Love (Hater-ade will rot you teeth) as they try and out-do what they know will be the bomb answer….and then the mic comes to me.

I clear my throat and tell them that there are no plans for distribution, that we are forbidden from selling it because it was conceived and produced as an open source project and it technically property of Generation X. I tell them that it is there film and that they own it, and that they should never have to pay to see it (well unless it’s a bullshit film festival). My answer throws everyone for a loop. I feel that I have represent my company well and Generation X well. It would appear that when it really mattered we were the ones who had a higher purpose in mind…what a bunch of self righteous losers!



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