Monday, June 26, 2006

The site

So we finally have a website for those of you that haven’t been paying attention. This was the most frustrating experience I have had in quite some time. I mean first of all I see thru all of you web designers and I am here today to tell you that you officially suck! I went through six of these guys in 2 months, all making promises that they could balance a Caddie on their dicks or bring Jimi back from the dead or whatever the fuck is on their wanna-be website (if you have a shitty website, why would I hire you to build mine?) Ok first things first; it’s not that tough to build the site, I mean you guys act like you have to commute or something. I know you all work at home in your underwear and have extensive porno collections (not that I don’t work at home or collect porn – but I do get back to people…you fucktards!)…so stop acting like you are so busy. It’s a yes or no answer and if you have to go ask someone about the price, then your company is too large for me.

Anyway, my boy did the site and no he ain’t takin’ no more application so you can start hatin’ now, you jealous motherfuckers! Ok here is the addy The site is bomb. It’s got mad beats for that ass…and plenty o media…including two, count ‘em, two trailers to advertise the film. Most of you have seen these things, if not… go and take a peek at what I do in my spare time..


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