Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't you Believe it...

That’s the question I have, do they mean what they say? When you go to these symposiums and lectures and meet and greets and meet established film personnel and they say something like “give me a call next week” or “I think I know someone who might be interested in your film, we should talk” what does that mean? It certainly doesn’t mean call me, or stop by my office. This behavior is often met with repeated dishes to voicemail or “he’s in a meeting, can I take a message”. I know I sound like I’m just bitchin’, but let’s seriously talk about this.

We know that most of our industry is appearance. We are well aware that handshakes and business cards don’t amount to very much in this industry. But because this is a relationship business and all of the deals are made by people who know each other in one capacity or another, it behooves you to play this game.

This is where I think we start to stray. We are clamoring to have pretend conversations with individuals who really can’t be bothered. I supposed if they saw a really impressive film, and weren’t in the middle of receiving oral sex or being charged with murder that maybe they would help us. I supposed if they weren’t flying to wherever the fuck they fly to and having “real” meetings, that one of us could get a shot.

But that’s just it. I am starting to think that it’s all window dressing. I’m starting to think that much of our interaction with the Hollywood Apparatus (because I consider myself an independent) is make-believe. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that real conversations and real deal are being discussed somewhere…just not where they tell us.

I think it is in everyone’s best interest that new filmmakers not become immediately discouraged with the size of the task of making a film. This is where the lip service enters in. I think that those who give us lip service are well aware of the odds and probably chances of you actually having a conversation with someone who can help you; therefore they participate in these round-table-discussions where they are instructing no-budget shooters on how to get a completion bond and what talent agency financing is because it’s a nice way for them to feel good about their chosen occupation and to “talk to the little people”. I’m not saying it’s all ego and lip service, but it’s not like they come to these things prepared to meet the next great director.

I am incessantly bombarded with invites to marketing discussions and limited speaking engagements by film industry “insiders”…and I show up only to hear them bloviate on their experiences in this industry and how they got to the top. The fact that the environment from hence theses projects came is forever changing and old strategies rarely work seems to never be discussed.

Lemme tell you, nothing makes my dick drool faster than a Baby-Boomer who entered the industry at a time when it was geometrically less competitive that it is right now, and tell me that all I have to do is….they have such courage and conviction when telling you to confronts odds that they never would have confronted…do you see the hypocrisy?

The gall, the arrogance of these people who didn’t have to take half of the personal inventory that the contemporaries have to…and elicit advice like “just keep at it”. Please, I would have loved the opportunity to compete in the mid 70’s, or the mid 80’s….but I digress…

Just keep at it: This is the advice given to prodigy’s and people who are utterly and completely wasting their time. The level and intent of the statement utter is identical. You have no real way of knowing if you are wasting your life and you possible retirement income until you blow up or file bankruptcy.

It is for that reason that I don’t give a fuck…I really don’t. I don’t care if my film gets made (lie), I don’t care if I ever get married (truth) and I really don’t care if I die tomm (at least I’d die as an artist that refused to compromise).

Ok..have to book my next movie theater distribution possibility meeting.


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