Thursday, February 05, 2009


Why is it that legitimate filmmakers are always searching high and low for investors with little success to generally be had…and conmen, can find a Mark in a matter of seconds? What do the conmen know that we don’t? I have hesitated to comment on this topic because it’s absurd, sophomoric…redundant in a number of respects. At the least, I am demonstrating that I’m far more interested in playing the X’s and O’s of absurd hypothetical than actually doing things that will further my career (yes…more dilemmas, I suggest you get used to them)…yes…more film insanity is what you are witnessing….

….but seriously, what lessons are there to be learned? Conartists create a great con (saving children in the jungle, return on investment), dress the part, play the role and take the Mark for all he’s got. The conman is organized, through, he’s always closing (Always Be Closing), charming, memorable, using body language to gain trust and maybe his greatest strength is his ability to convince the Mark that this is a very limited offer that he needs to act on quickly.

I am proposing that we become con-artists. Dress the part, play the roles and sell the deal. I would have no problem going to a bar and taking part in a con where we pretend to sell a guy some diamonds…I mean I have the balls to do that kind of thing. So how can the film proposition be so different?

I think we are too honest, to caring to trusting; I think we are too willing to do the work that needs to be done and save humanity…instead of being bloodthirsty. Maybe we need a little of both is what I am getting at.

We must think and act like conmen…the only difference is that what we are selling is real…what we are selling is the magic that is the cinema.

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